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Fake U-turn prevention: clarified caveats.
# On the entry and exit segments, move geometry points very close to the nodes so that at the roundabout segment, the entry and exit segment are within five degrees of parallel.
#* Do not depend upon the sum of angles between the 3 segments unless the roundabout segment is completely straight. You may create a temporary straight segment to check the angles, then undo the change.
If all three criteria are satisfied (three segments in the movement, roundabout segment length and parallelism), a large penalty will be applied to the movement into and out of the U-turn, causing routes involving the at-grade connector to be much more likely.making this route extremely unlikely in most situations.
Because This solution a short roundabout segment is only compatible with non-normal roundabout instructionsrequired, as there this hack generally will not be too many nodes to meet the criteria for useful when normal roundabout instructions. It's also difficult to use are desired, or in other cases where the entrance of the first road is and exit are not very far away from the exit of the next roadclose.
====Fake or real detour prevention====
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