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Fake or real detour prevention: More wordsmithing
====Fake or real detour prevention====
[[File:RA-BDP.png|thumb|US-41 S is the continuous name coming from the west, bypassing the roundabout and continuing south on all {{Major Highway|MH}} segments. The segment from the roundabout going south is unnamed and has the {{Minor Highway|mH+1}} type, so the movement from US-41 S, into the roundabout and back out to US-41 S is penalized as a detour.]]<!-- -->Another solution is to activate the [[Detour Prevention Mechanisms#Big detours|big detour penalty]]. This treats the movement into and out at the next exit as a detour away from the AGC. To use:
# Make sure that the segment before the AGC, the AGC and the segment after the AGC all share a name.
#* If no real named or numbered road continues through the AGC, a fake alt name can be used, such as "BDP" or "roundabout hack."
If all detour criteria are met, a significant penalty will be applied to the movement away from the at-grade connector, through the roundabout and back, causing the at-grade connector to be preferred in routing.
This solution makes sense when the roundabout path is compatible with both normal and non-normal truly a detour from the highway (the segment or segments bypassing the roundabout instructions but can are part of the highway, rather than being AGCs). It cannot be difficult to use used if the roads connected by the AGC are of different road types or are not highways. It , or if one is particularly indicated when a numbered minor highway is actually carried by the AGC, and the movement into the roundabout other is a true detourmajor highway or freeway road type.
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