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==Before you get started==
* Understand there are guidelines to help you make edits that will improve the map. The editing videos in the app don't tell the whole story. Every edit you make can make a big difference to a lot of wazers. Do not delete roads. Only make edits that follow the principles of good waze map editing -- [[Best_map_editing_practice#Overall_Goals|usability, simplicity, and retention.]]
* Familiarize yourself with our Waze Map Editing [[Communication platforms]]. Communication and collaboration are a key part of Waze Map Editing, and engaging with other editors early in your editing can avoid a lot of common pitfalls and establish a good knowledge baseline.
* Be prepared to see your changes to roads go live at the next tile update.
* Be prepared to wait for approval on your place changes until you reach level 2. New places appear at the next tile update, but place updates go live as soon as they are approved.