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*/Created area manager table*/
<!---------------------- DO NOT MODIFY THIS TOP CODE -------------------------------
---- Area Managers: Cancel edit and use link on table next to "Area Managers". -----
---- Other Area Editors: Cancel edit and use link on table next to "Other Area
---- Editors". If does not exist, that section can be added from talk page.
---- Country/State Managers: Continue.
---- This page is only transcluded into (displayed on) the main page for this
---- state. When first setting up this page, remove the example users for Country
---- and State managers. Area Managers are changed in a different section as noted
---- above. When adding a new user, use the following template:
{{AM/Editor|Username|Area Managed|Other Comment|badge1=x|badge2=x|badge3=x}}
---- If any fields are skipped, ensure the first three pipe "|" characters are
---- present. Note the badge1, badge2, badge3 entries are optional, and the "x"
---- is replaced only by what is defined under: {{AM/Badge}}
---- This link can be reached from or
---- search the Wiki for: "Template:AM/Badge"

---- When adding a new user, place the new template based on Rank (highest first)
---- and then alphabetical order in that rank.
--------------------- AREA MANAGER TABLE BEGINS BELOW ------------------------------
---------------------------- EDIT BELOW LINE ---------------------------------------
{{AM/Top}}<!-- Top of the table -->
{{AM/Country}}<!-- Defines the start of the country manager section -->
{{AM/Editor|Rank6Example|6|Statewide|Resident of state|badge1=rc|badge2=gc|badge3=mgc}}
{{AM/Editor|Rank6Too|6|Statewide|Longtime resident of state|badge1=gc}}
{{AM/State}}<!-- Defines the start of the state manager section -->
{{AM/Editor|Rank5Example|5|Statewide|Resident of state|badge1=lc|badge2=mlc}}
{{AM/Editor|Rank5Too|5|Statewide|Working in state now|badge1=mlc|badge2=lc}}
{{AM/AreaLink}}<!-- Defines the start of the area manager section -->
{{#ifexist: {{BasePage2}}/AM/Editor/Area |<!--
-->{{:{{BasePage2}}/AM/Editor/Area}}<!-- Area managers are edited through the main page link accessed from within the table itself. Do not add them here.-->
}}<!-- End ifexist -->
{{AM/Bottom}}<!-- Bottom of the table; must be the last line of table. -------------
-->{{#ifexist: {{BasePage2}}/AM/Editor/Area2 <!-- If other table exists -->
| {{AM/Area2Link}}<!--then display Other Table, or skip -->
}}<!-- End ifexist --></includeonly>
<!------------------------ DO NOT ADD CODE BELOW THE TABLE -------------------------->