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A great time to implement these locks is while bringing the road types of an area into compliance with the current US road type standards (FC and highway systems). Lock the roads based on type after they've been set to current [[Road types#Quick_reference_chart|US Road Type Standards]].
|title=Two-way|title2={{Spaces|1}}One-way{{Spaces|1}}|Fwy=5|Ramp=Highest lock of connected segment|mH=3|PS=2|PS2=3|Street=Auto (1)|Street2=2|Private=Auto (1)|Private2=2|PLR=Auto (1)|PLR2=21<sup>see note</sup>|Ferry=25|Runway=5|Other=Auto (1)|Other2=2|Construction=3|Beacon=6|note=One-way Parking Lot Roads inside PLRs used outside of parking lots can , such as alleys and streets through apartment complexes, should be kept locked at lock Auto (1)2.}}
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