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Some retailers have built dedicated stores with such uncommon exterior design that they are unquestionably landmarks by the definition above. Marking such stores with Area Places may, however, puzzle unfamiliar drivers who will simply see the name of the retailer on their map. They may not understand its significance as a landmark and indeed may confuse the Area Place on their display with an advertisement. '''{{As of|2015|2}}, it is not encouraged to map any structures built by and dedicated to single retailers as Area Places, regardless of how visually iconic.'''
==Place Name Harmonizationname harmonization==The primary purpose of place name harmonization (PNH) is to provide a consistent and optimal user search experience in the app. The goal is to maximize the likelihood that a user will be able to quickly find what they are searching for, first in Instant results, then in full search. When a business name is harmonized, a standard (state, regional or national) is made for the primary name, alternative names if appropriate, descriptions, website link and other details as necessary. A minimum of 5-10 locations is usually preferred before a business is harmonized. If a business is expected to grow beyond this number, then early submission makes sense.  The PNH process starts with map editors submitting a request for harmonization of a business. This submission is reviewed by regional moderators and can be made national if appropriate. Due to complexities of how businesses may operate in different regions, occasionally a businesses may have different nuances in each region. If you have a question about a business please feel free to contact your regional PNH moderator listed below.  The [[WME Place Harmonizer]] (WMEPH) script is available to help editors choose the harmonized name for businesses, as well as to help fill and format other place fields.{{Expand|/PNH|regionally harmonized place names and moderators}}
== Detailed guidance for select categories==