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City names on segments: fixed link
'''On segments which have the "None" checkbox marked for the primary city name, the city name designated by the U.S. Postal Service should be set as an alternate city name for that segment.'''}}
To keep city names from sprawling over too wide an area in the Waze app, [[WME]] and [[Live Map]], except for within [[Military InstallationsBases|military installationsbases]] a city name should only be used as a primary name for segments located in areas determined by local leadership to be displayed as cities on the map. This generally includes incorporated cities, towns, villages, etc., as well as census-designated or other unincorporated places recognized as city names by the [ USPS], but rules vary by state. This may mean that many addresses on the map are in “no city” areas, particularly in rural regions. The Waze addresses on these segments are otherwise not searchable without a city name, and because many Wazers will search for a location by its postal address, U.S. community leadership has established the above editing standard.
There are other standards in place for other purposes requiring adding other street data in the the alternate. The addition of the USPS data does not change any other standards but is in addition to anything existing already on those affected segments.