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New York/AM/Editor/Area2

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*/Other Area editor table update*/
{{AM/Editor|NS-6|1|Rockland County, NY|gho = Zisha Greenberg|pic=File:Avatar_nice.jpg}}
{{AM/Editor|onthehudson2|1|Manhattan, Westchester|}}
{{AM/Editor|QuebecRefugee|3|Holyoke/Chicopee Area, Cape Cod|Live in Western MA, work on projects throughout MA and CT., participating in NY UR Project.|gho=Dan|badge1=am}}
{{AM/Editor|SaniZippy|1|Capital Region|gho = Sani Zippy}}
{{AM/Editor|Socalcowboy|1|i95and the huch from CT to Co-open city|live in shelton,CT work in Co-op City,NY}}