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In addition to the recommended [[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}#Project_Tools|Project Tools]], the following are recommended in Queens:
;[ New York State Email]
:Ever wish the UR reporter could email you images or more information? The New York State editing community has set up an email address - WazeNewYork@[at] - to make this easier. If they include your username in the subject line, someone (Dude495 or JDelosa) will forward it to you. If you '''[ sign up]''', the account will autoforward the emails to you. The New York editing community feels that this step takes very little effort and occasionally yields fantastic results. Give it a try whenever you think it might help. (The NY Community strongly recommends you include this email somewhere in your closing response before marking any UR as ''Not Identified'')
;[ Queens Groups Overlay Script]:See the your group's area and borders in WME (Once installed, load the "NY UR Project - Queens" overlay.)
;[ NY UR Project Countdown Timer]