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'''Principal arterials''' are the primary routes for traveling throughout the country, from one city to another, over long distances. Many principal arterials are freeways or expressways, but many others are not.
As a nationwide system, the [[wikipedia:United_States_Numbered_Highway_System|United States Numbered Highway SystemHighways]], often called or '''U.S. Highways''', provides provide direct links between regions not served by the [[wikipedia:Interstate_Highway_System|Interstate Highway System]], and serve as alternatives to travel on Interstates in the case of heavy traffic or incident.
*Roads in the '''United States Numbered Highways''' system (US Highways).
**This includes [[wikipedia:Alternate_route|alternate]] (ALT), [[wikipedia:Bypass_(road)#United_States|bypass]] (BYP), connector (CONN), truck, and scenic US Highways.
**This does ''not'' include Business[[wikipedia:Business_route|business]], Spurspur, and Loop loop US Highways.
*Business routes (Spurs and Loops) in the Interstate Highway System (e.g., I-69 Business Loop).