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Update "When do my edits show up in the [Waze app/Live Map]?" per forum discussion
It is planned to implement functionality in the Waze servers to countdown from the road creation so that they disappear from WME unless they have been edited (something like 30 days) to prevent roads incorrectly recorded from remaining on the Live Map. {{ReturnTop}}
=== When do my roads show up in the Live Map? ===
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=== When do my edits show up in the Waze app? ===
The normal process, is that on a regular basis, the map tiles update process runs on Edits made in the servers. When it starts, any edits which are complete by that time Waze Map Editor will be included not appear in the current Waze app until the affected map update cycle. The [[map tile]] updating process can take several days or even weeks on the World server, and tiles are currently happening approximately daily regenerated on the North American server. Depending on when you save Certain edits will trigger regeneration of the edit, on affected tiles during the North America server, it will appear in 1 or 2 daysnext map build (which usually begins every 24 hours). More details are covered in the See [[Timeline of updating processMap tiles]]for more details.
Once the map update cycle build is complete, the tiles are loaded into available for the client map and the live mapWaze app to load. The date time that the update process map build is complete is referred to as the Update Date, though this can be confusing because the edits which made it into that cycle may be days oldermap release. The [ status page] is usually updated with shows the latest current map update cycle informationrelease, which includes as well as its last edit time. Any edits made after the "with updates through x date" informationlast edit time are not included in the current build. The Waze Map Editor provides a link to this the status page on the left side of the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Bottom_Bar|bottom bar]].
Tiles displayed in the app are cached, and are only refreshed when one of the following conditions is met:
*You use the manual option to '''Refresh map of my area''' under Settings >> Advanced >> Data Transfer
Note that the Waze app tends to get the updated tiles before the More details are included in [[Live MapTimeline of updating process]] on the website.
=== When do my edits show up in the Live Map? ===
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=== What web browser do you recommend for editing roads? ===