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=== Pruning ===
It is known that the Waze routing engine can't calculate every possible route for long-distance routes, so it takes shortcuts by removing lower road types from consideration in the middle of longer routes. This effect is commonly called '''route pruning''' and can potentially result in the route changing dramatically when lengthened slightly. At distances farther than a certain threshold value from the origin or destination of a route, roads lower than a certain type tend not to be considered. Pruning thresholds with confidential, variable, increasing values exist for {{Street}}, {{Primary Street}} and {{Minor Highway}}, respectively. It There is evident evidence that {{Major Highway}}, like is never pruned. {{Freeway}} and {{Ramp}}, is are never pruned. The pruning mechanism uniquely accounts for [[Creating and editing road segments#Special properties|routing road type]], so a Primary Street with routing road type +1 would be pruned at the same threshold as a Minor Highway.
=== XL routes ===