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Cities: "CM rename" for cities
===== Cities =====
[[File:Wme-cities-2018.PNG|260px]] Shortcut key: {{key press|shift|C}}
With "More Details" and the cities layer enabled, select the "Names" item in the layers menu to show City names as selectable objects.
City boundaries as defined by segments assigned to that city polygons are shown in different colorsin WME. This layer is helpful City names are shown in finding the Waze app within the boundaries of their polygons. Some polygon boundaries are defined by the segments which use the city in their primary address while some city polygons have been [[Duplicate cities#City Polygon Creation and Updating|locked]] (their boundaries are set not affected when changes are made to segment primary addresses); city boundaries will not exactly match the wrong cityedges defined by the segments. Until an area is heavily edited and updated, some When city boundaries are likely incorrect or overlapped, whether due to be overlapping a locked polygon or appear due to be not associated with any city names being used on the map on the wrong segments, editors refer to this as city smudging.  Changing * To change the name of a polygon in the city for a road is done through layer (and on all objects which use the WME interface documented associated city name in their primary and alternate addresses), please see [[Map Editor Interface and Controls#Segment Edit DetailCity selected|segment edit detailCity selected]]. If after fixing the city names you still have incorrect city boundaries, review the article on and [[Smudged city#Updating the city layer|Updating the city layer]]. When deciding a specific * You can edit the city name for on a segment, one should consult in the [[#Address box]]. * Consult USA guidance on [[Road names/City names#Identifying_the_correct_postal_city|City namingnames]], as well as regional, state and local guidance, and always work with the local editing community on city naming/renaming projects.
===Left pane===
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