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=== Search box ===
<!--[[File:LiveMap-search.png|border|right|Search box]]-->
[[File:LiveMap_Search.PNG|border|right|Search box]]In the Search/Navigate box click on '''Search''' if it is not already highlighted. Place the mouse cursor in the text field and enter the address or place of interest, then press find. If the description entered has more than one match, a list will be displayed. Search results come from a Google Maps search, and could differ from the Waze App search results. If the desired match is not visible in that list, add additional parts of the address to limit the search and press find again. Once the desired destination is visible, select it. A pin will be placed at the location and the map will recenter on the pin.
=== Navigate box ===
<!--[[File:LiveMap-navigate.png|border|left|Navigate box]]-->[[File:LiveMap-NavBox1.PNG|border|left|325px|Directions]][[File:LiveMap-NavBox.PNG|border|300px|Navigate box]]
After finding your start point or destination in the Search box click on '''Directions'''. Enter the locations with the origin (or '''from''') on the top and destination (or '''to''') on the bottom to see the best possible routes between them. Use the opposing double arrow between the two text fields to reverse the origin and destination points and view the route in the opposite direction. Locations can also use points of interest and coordinates (longitude and latitude) as well. This box will also automatically get filled up when using the [[#Navigation points selection box|navigation points selection box]] to pick the origin and destination points directly from the map.
==== Find routes ====
<!--[[File:LiveMap-route-options.png|border|300px|right|Route options and share routes]]-->[[File:LiveMap-Routes.PNG|border|300px|right|Route options and share routes]]
After entering the origin and destination locations, the routing will automatically start. The navigation box will display up to three routes shown on the map with different colors. Each one provides the total distance and estimated travel time for that route.
Select one of the routes to see the turn-by-turn instructions for that route. Press the '''<''' link to return to the original list.