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Only collection points: clarified toll vs collection point
==== Only collection points ====
Under this method, only a segment (entrance/exit/highway) that actually '''traverses a collection point''', such as a tollbooth, collection/recording point camera system, transponder reader or ticket dispenser , is marked as toll. This means that all paths use a single toll segment per toll locationcollection point, and they are only assessed with a single toll penalty, whether "avoid toll roads" is on or off. This may mean that only a single segment is tolled marked as toll, or if there are parallel segments going through the toll location collection point (e.g. multiple entrance or exit ramps, cash and pass lanes), a single segment of each path is tolledmarked as toll. This method works well for users who have the "avoid toll roads" option enabled, but they want to or must use a toll road. '''It is the preferred method for most of the US.'''
There are a few benefits of this method, as opposed to marking every segment of a toll road.