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*It may still be under construction but already well known, as is the case with some large destination stores and attractions.
Whatever the reason, Waze users should not be routed without warning to places that are not open for normal business. However, because Waze includes third-party searches can include results in searches for places, without a [[#External_providers|linked Waze place]], users may end up navigating to a third-party result with no way of knowing that from external providers which will not indicate if the place is not open or does not even existclosed. In the United States, the only external provider of Waze search results is Google Maps. Third-party Places that are and places either marked as {{Red|permanently closed}} in Google Maps do or linked to an existing Waze place will not appear in the Waze search results. Therefore, after confirming that a place is not open for business due to any of the above reasons, the following procedures procedure should be used:
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