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=== Overview ===
Each file contains one or more tolls, and each toll contains one or more sections, along with currency, toll type (static or dynamic), rules (pay-per-section-count, entry/exit price and pay-per-section) and other info. Prices can be in different places depending on the rule of the toll. Multiple prices can be entered for drivers holding different passes, driving different vehicle types or driving at different times or days. {{As of|September 2019}} the toll tool supports private, taxi, motorcycle and electric vehicle types, and the list of supported passes can be found on [[Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes#Toll transponders.2Fpasses.2Fpermits supported|the HOV page]]. The lowest applicable price is shown to the user, although if a pass can allow someone to pay a lower price, the app may suggest adding the pass in the app. Each section contains one or more segments, and each segment is listed with a segment ID and two node IDs: the fromNode and the toNode. When the routing server calculates a route that passes in order immediately through the FromNode ID, the segment ID and the ToNode ID of a segment stored in a price file, it looks up and attempts to display a price.
If any of these IDs or their order are changed through cutting, merging, disconnection or deletion, the toll price file will not work. It must be updated with new IDs and re-uploaded onto the server. {{As of|August 2019}} the editor gives no indication that segments have any associated pricing information, and the toll tool gives no indication that a file contains broken segments, apart from manually testing routes through specific segments. Therefore, '''editors must be very careful not to inadvertently break price files when working with tolls'''. While building price files, some editors have added map comments or higher locks on segments that they use, in order to provide some level of protection, but this has not been done universally. Each section can also be associated with a venue ID of a toll booth or other place. {{As of|August 2019}} the venue ID is not used in the app, and only static pricing is supported. The segment, node and venue IDs are the only common elements between the toll price tool and WME.
==== Can the toll tool handle prices for different vehicle types, passes and times? ====
Yes, prices can be defined by vehicle type, toll/HOV pass, hours and minutes of the day, days of the week and dates in the year. Pass interoperability and subsets are supported. Enter See [[#Overview|the pass display name or code name in the permit_id fieldoverview section]] for further details.
==== Can the toll tool handle prices with multiple currencies? ====