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NC Update Requests Proposal: linking to AMs section
* It is best practice to allow reporters 3 days to respond to any reply sent, even if this exceeds the typical 7-day close timeline.
* Reminder messages are discretionary in North Carolina. Most NC editors use them for the majority of URs, but there is no mandate to do so.
* Team handling is encouraged but not mandated in North Carolina. We encourage editors to become familiar with and build a rapport with their fellow NC editors, in particular [[North Carolina#Area Managers|Area Managers and State Managers]], so that you are on the same page regarding UR handling methods and preferences, such as sending reminder messages on another editor's UR. If another editor has firsthand knowledge of the issue and can make the necessary corrections to the map to solve the reported issue, they are free to do so.
* The use of standardized comments such as those found in the [ URComments-Enhanced] script may be beneficial, particularly to editors handling URs for the first time; however, there is no standardized list for NC or SAT, nor is there a mandate to use standardized comments of any form. NC editors are encouraged to tailor their responses to the specifics of the UR in question, which can lead to better response rates from reporters.