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<span style="color: black; font-size:large;">''Speed Limits in CT''</span><br/>
Only '''PLEASE NOTE:''' Effective 2019-10-09 the speed limit policy for CT DOT Office of the State Traffic Administration has changed to the authority under statute to establish speed following:# Speed limits on public streets so all approved/valid speed limits are listed on may be set utilizing any of the OSTA website for both the state highways and city/town roads/streets. At this timefollowing resources: BOTG, only add/validate speeds that are listed at [ OSTA documentation] &Q=259540] to the Waze Map. SV# In the event of conflicting informationa discrepancy, the posted SL (BOTG) or SL UR determines the speed# If there is no BOTG verification available, use the online list & contact with a Local State Manager.most recent OSTA documentation or SV info determines the speed 
<span style="color: black; font-size:large;">''Functional Classification''</span><br/>