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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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Where you can edit is determined primarily by where you have driven. Edit rights are granted within a one-mile radius of where you have driven with Waze running. Your editable area is shown in lighter-colored areas surrounded by a black border. Users who are Area Managers will also see their managed areas in a colored highlighted area.
===Other users===
[[Image:Wazer-with-premission.png]] Shortcut key: '''Shift+o'''
When there are other Waze map editors in your area, they will appear on the map with this "construction Wazer" icon. Their zoom level will be shown with a darkened circle. When they are actively changing, editing or saving map objects, the darkened zoom circle will change to red. As they move around the map and zoom in and out, you will see their icon jumping from location to location and the diameter of their zoom indicator will change in near-real-time. This layer is a first step in promoting better communication between Waze map editors. There is no current communication functionality available.
* For more information, please see the [[Other Users in Waze Map Editor]] page.