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Map Editor Interface and Controls

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# Properties Toolbox
# Layers (overlays) selector
# [[# Map Display Area|Map Display Area]]
[[Image:papyrus whole window blank.png|700px]]
** Immediately to the left of the unsaved changes indicator is a loading indicator which appears only when map elements are still loading.
* In the top-right corder of the main window, inside the main window space, is the activator for the layers menu.
* The map display area, which takes up the majority of the space, is the map display area. This has the ability to display aerial/satellite photography, streets, junctions, landmarks, red light/speed cameras, GPS tracks, map problems, and your editable area. All of these are discussed explained in more detail below* At the bottom of the main window are the following elements:** The left corner is the scale indicator for the current zoom level ** At the right side is the latitude and longitude display of the mouse cursor's current location** At the far right is in the permalink button[[#Map Display Area|Map Display Area]] section.