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The above image is what you would see zoomed in as close as possible. Zoomed back out, it looks just like the image showing the junction without any geometry nodes.
== Controlling Turn Instructions ===
In the Basics section above, we touched on how to ensure a "Turn left/right" instruction would be given over a "Keep left/right" instruction.
Some details Details of the mechanics behind this can be found on the [[How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers|How Waze determines turn / keep / exit maneuvers]] page.
Some of that complexity can be avoided if we try to treat junctions with the logical view in mind as was done in the examples above. If all junctions you edit follow just a few basic forms, it will be much easier to predict the behavior of an individual junction.
* Approximately '''90''' degree departure angle = '''Turn'''
* Less than '''45''' degree departure angle = '''Keep''' (or Exit for Ramps)
This knowledge allows us to control how a junction behaves by modifying a single geometry node in most cases. This is often useful for [[At-Grade_Connectors|At-Grade Connectors]] where sometimes we prefer a "Keep right/left" and other times a "Turn right/left" would be more appropriate.
== Oddities ==