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In the Basics section above, we touched on how to ensure a "Turn left/right" instruction would be given over a "Keep left/right" instruction.
Details of the mechanics behind this can be found on the [[How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers|How Waze determines turn / keep / exit maneuvers]] page, but here is a quick summary.=== Geometry ===
Some of that complexity can be avoided if we try to treat junctions with the logical view in mind as was done in the examples above. If all junctions you edit follow just a few basic forms, it will be much easier to predict the behavior of an individual junction.
=== Segment Naming and Type ===
Besides the geometry of the road segments, the names and types of the segments come into play.
A basic rule of thumb is that if you want a turn to be announced, having a different name will improve the chances that will happen. For the At-Grade Connector example above, the connector should have a different name than the road it is leaving (See the [[|How to name the connector]] section of the page on At-Grade Connectors).
== Oddities ==