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Junction Style Guide

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A basic rule of thumb is that if you want a turn to be announced, having a different name will improve the chances that will happen. For the At-Grade Connector example above, the connector should have a different name than the road it is leaving (See the [[At-Grade_Connectors#How_to_name_the_connector|How to name the connector]] section of the At-Grade Connectors page).
== Limited Access Interchanges ==
== Diamond Interchange ==
In the simplest form, this can be represented as single connections from the ramps to the surface street. If an on ramp lines up with an off ramp, care must be taken to restrict the straight through direction to prevent "ramp to ramp routing" where the routing engine may try to take a shortcut from the Freeway, to the off ramp, to the on ramp, and back to the Freeway instead of staying on the Freeway. That motion is inefficient and may be illegal in certain juristrisctions.
== Oddities ==