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Single Point Urban Interchange (SPUI)
A SPUI is a very space and flow efficient design, but it takes extra attention to ensure the turns are correct. And as the name indicates, ideally there should be a single junction in the center. You may need to tweak the geometry of segments a bit off of alignment from the real physical world, but it should be minor if the interchange is a true SPUI.
The outer branches of the exit ramps are very much like in the case of a diamond interchange:
: [[Image:Jct_SPUI_off_outer_turn.png]]
Where things get complicated is the inner branches leading to the Single Point. You need to avoid ramp to ramp in two directions and a reverse flow turn.
: [[Image:Jct_SPUI_off_inner_turn.png]]
Luckily the entrance ramp restrictions are similar to the diamond interchange:
: [[Image:Jct_SPUI_on_turn.png]]
If you were to look at all the restricted turns at once, you may get the false impression that something is very wrong. But as you now know, a SPUI has almost as many restricted turns as allowed ones.
: [[Image:Jct_SPUI_all_turns.png]]
== Oddities ==