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A basic rule of thumb is that if you want a turn to be announced, having a different name will improve the chances (but not guarantee!!!) that it will happen. For the At-Grade Connector example above, the connector should have a different name than the road it is leaving (See the [[At-Grade_Connectors#How_to_name_the_connector|How to name the connector]] section of the At-Grade Connectors page).
=== Highway/Freeway Junctions ===
These are junctions involving the three Highway/Freeway road types - Minor Highway, Major Highway, and Freeway -- as well as their Ramps.
==== Highway/Freeway Exits ====
==== Highway/Freeway Splits ====
We will consider it to be a Highway/Freeway Split when we have a Highway/Freeway segment meeting at a junction with two other Highway/Freeway segments where there is no obvious straight through direction to a driver. To receive a navigation instruction for '''both''' branches of a split, the following must be true:
# All segments must be one of the 3 Highway/Freeway Types
# All segments must have names which are different from each other
# The two exiting segments must have departure angles of 20 to 30 degrees from the entering segment
# The segment can be short, but it should be large enough that it is not hard to find in the editor ''(too subjective, we probably need a minimum length guideline)''
With those conditions met, the junction will present "Keep Left" and "Keep Right" navigation instructions using the name of the appropriate exiting segment.
==== Ramp to Ramp Splits ====
A ramp may itself split and branch into two directions. If this is the case, "Exit Right" and "Exit Left" will be announced using the name of the appropriate exiting segment.
=== Surface Street Junctions ===
==== Y Intersections ====
== No Outlet Roads ==