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These are junctions involving the three Highway/Freeway road types - Minor Highway, Major Highway, and Freeway -- as well as their Ramps.
==== Highway/Freeway Exits ====
It is considered to be a basic Exit situation when a "straight" direction is obvious to a driver and navigation instructions are only needed for the non-straight direction (the exit). If navigation instructions are required for both directions, see the [[#Highway/Freeway_Exits|Highway/Freeway Exits]] section below.
To be treated as a basic Exit, the following must be true:
# The entering segment and one exiting segment must be one of the three Highway/Freeway types
# The Highway/Freeway exiting segment must have close to a zero degree departure angle from the entering segment
# The second exiting segment must be of type Ramp
# The Ramp exiting segment must had a departure angle of between 20 and 30 degrees from the entering segment
With those conditions met, the junction will present an "Exit Right/Left" navigation instruction when the ramp is used and will remain silent with no navigation instructions at all when using the Highway/Freeway exiting segment.
==== Highway/Freeway Splits ====
We will consider it to be a Highway/Freeway Split when we have a Highway/Freeway segment meeting at a junction with two other Highway/Freeway segments where there is no obvious straight through direction to a driver. To receive a navigation instruction for '''both''' branches of a split, the following must be true: