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Editing rank

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A locked segment cannot be changed by an editor of a rank lower than that of the locking editor, or the rank of the editor who last edited the segment. The rank is locked based on the last person to edit the segment, and not the user who created it.
You can edit segments based on your editing rank and Editable area. Once a segment is locked, only a user with the same (or higher) rank, or an Area Manager whose area includes that segment, can edit the segment again. This includes turn restrictions from any segment attached to a junction which also has a locked segment connected to it.
==Locked junctions==
A junction is considered to be locked when at least one ''any'' segment which is connected to that junction is locked.
A junction is locked from making driving-based changes (such as opening a restricted turn) once one of the turn restrictions in that junction is edited.
==Area Managers==
[[Area Manager|Area Managers]] can edit any unlocked objects within their defined area. This includes overriding a lock on an object of a lower-ranking editor. Area managers cannot override anything locked, even if it was locked by an editor of a higher rank.
A growing list of Area Managers and their preferred contact details can be found [ here].