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Camera Placement
== Camera Placement ==
Cameras should be placed over the roadway they are monitoring. The exact location depends on the type of camera:
* Speed Cameras should be placed at the location of the camera itself.
* Red Light Cameras should be placed at the stop bar they are monitoring.
=== Shutter Direction ===
When the camera icon is selected in the Map Editor, the red dot should point in the direction of travel a car will '''pass''' the camera. It does not matter if the real-life camera will take a picture of the front of the offending vehicle.
For example, if a road runs east-west and the east bound lanes are monitored for speed, the red dot should be on the eastern side of the camera icon in the Map Editor. Be sure the angle of the red dot also matches the angle of the flow of monitored traffic.
=== Adding Cameras ===
Cameras of all types can only be added to the map from the client application. You must be driving past the location of the camera installation (preferably on the correct road and in the correct direction) to issue this report.
Once you have submitted the camera report, it will appear on your client screen (and yours ONLY). Once that day's drives have been processed by the Waze servers, the camera will appear in the Map Editor where it can be validated. It must be validated for other drivers to be alerted of its presence.
=== Moving Cameras ===
If a reported camera is not in quite the right location, it can be moved within the Map Editor.
When you click on the camera icon, a circle appears; the camera can be moved anywhere within that circle. (After saving, you will be able to move the camera again within a re-centered circle.) Take care to ensure the red dot is facing in the proper direction after moving a camera.
== Camera Speed ==