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Junction Style Guide

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The Basics ← START HERE: Added 4 way junction example images
We can easily scale the above approaches to a four-way junction. Again we can expect to mostly see angles close to 90 degrees.
: [[Image:Jct_4_90_ex.png]] [[Image:Jct_4_90.png‎ ]]
And if we have that odd street cutting across town at an odd angle, we again want to avoid the odd angle at the junction...
: [[Image:Jct_4_45_ex1.png]] [[Image:Jct_4_45.png]]
...and we want to use geometry nodes to bring the actual junction to 90 degrees. You can zoom in as close as you can and add a single geometry node on each side. This will give us the proper angle but make it virtually invisible to users so it looks just like the physical world.