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Besides the geometry of the road segments, the names and types of the segments come into play.
A basic rule of thumb is that if you want a turn to be announced, having a different name will improve the chances (but not guarantee!!!) that it will happen. For In the case of the At-Grade Connector example above, the connector should either have a different name than the road it is leaving or no name at all (See the [[At-Grade_Connectors#How_to_name_the_connector|How to name the connector]] section of the At-Grade Connectors page). Road type is a factor in determining navigation instructions as well, but names and angles are much more important. If you have multiple roads meeting at a junction and two of those road segments line up at close to zero degrees and they have the same name, that will be considered straight no matter what road types are used. An example demonstrating this is shown in the discussion on [[#Y_IntersectionsY-intersections]] in a later section.
=== Highway/Freeway Junctions ===