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Road types

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# When viewing the map, the 'bigger' roads should appear at the far zoom levels. Without proper labels, the 'zoomed out' display can be very confusing.
# When planning a route, major roads will get priority over smaller roads.
===Before editing===
Be sure that you are completely familiar with the articles on:
* [[Waze Map Editor|The Waze Map Editor]]
* [[Creating and Editing street segments]]
* [[Junction Style Guide]]
===Starting Point===
Naming conventions can be useful as starting point when determining a road type. Be aware that there are many regional naming variations. Remember that this is only guide on where to start when determining a road type.
*Exit ~ Ramp [[Image:Ramp.png |200px]]
*Unnamed ~ Parking Lot Road [[Image:Service road.png|200px]]
==Road Type Classifications:==