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Camera Placement: Notes on number of cameras and signs vs. cameras
* Speed Cameras should be placed at the location of the camera itself.
* Red Light Cameras should be placed at the stop bar they are monitoring.
Also be sure to place the correct quantity of cameras:
* If a Speed Camera monitors one direction of traffic, you need one camera.
* If a Speed Camera monitors both directions of traffic, you need TWO cameras.
* You need one Red Light Camera per monitored direction. So if you have a 4-way intersection with camera watching every direction, you need FOUR cameras. (See note below.)
'''NOTE:''' It is common to have signs warning of red light cameras at all approaches to the intersection although only a subset of those approaches may be monitored. For example, there may be signs on all 4 approaches to a 4-way intersection even if 3, 2, or even only 1 of the directions is actually monitored by a camera. Only the directions which are actually monitored by cameras should be added to the map.
=== Shutter Direction ===