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Limited Access Interchange Style Guide

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Initial entry for feeder/collectors... more to come
'''Note on Levels:'''
The two surface street segments (between the outer ramps and connected to the Single Point) and the 4 ramp segments connected to the single point should all be the same level, either one higher or one lower than the level of the freeway segments above/below the single point.
=== Feeder/Collector Lanes ===
These are lanes parallel to but physically separated from the lanes of a Limited Access Road that serve to keep merging traffic out of the flow of through traffic on the mainline Freeway.
==== Feeder/Collector Cloverleaf ====
This is a Cloverleaf interchange that is connected to a Feeder/Collector instead of directly to the main roadway. Here is an example which matches the physical world but has a major deficiency.
: [[Image:Jct_fc_cloverleaf_bad.png]]
At first it appears that this layout allows everyone to get where they are going. The problem is that it allows MORE than it should. It is possible to exit the mainline Freeway and stay on the Feeder/Collector, bypassing the Cloverleaf, and merge back onto the mainline Freeway.
Although this may be a way to avoid traffic on the mainline Freeway, doing so is inefficient, may be unsafe, and is outright illegal in some areas. Therefore we need to tweak our design a little...