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Junction Style Guide

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Highway/Freeway Junctions: wikilink to road types
Specific examples of how to handle common junction types are provided in later sections. All of those examples build upon the basic building blocks provided here.
If you are unsure what type of road it should be, refer to the article on [[Road_Types_(USA)|road types]] for more information.
==== Highway/Freeway Exits ====
It is considered to be a basic Exit situation when a "straight" direction is obvious to a driver and navigation instructions are only needed for the non-straight direction (the exit). If navigation instructions are required for both directions, see the [[#Highway/Freeway_Splits|Highway/Freeway Splits]] section below.
* Destination Right name in Waze: Exit 70B: City B
Result: By using a modified name for the destination ramps, we have combined information from two sets of signs to generate the advance notice a driver may need to prepare for a decision point.
== Limited Access Interchanges ==