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| 2011-11-14
| 2012-06-21
| ODOT notification on June 19 that OR242 opens Closure completed for winter 2011-12. Please keep this information here to vehicle traffic on 6/21. Map has been updated on June 19 by reconnecting OR242 at each more easily perform the closure location.again for winter 2012-2013
[ West-end Gate @ MP61.91]
|OR213 @ I-205 Jughandle Project
|Spring 2011/Winter 2012
|As of July 2012, the new roundabout is in serviceProject functionally complete. Due to delays in Waze map update processing right now, AlanOfTheBerg have completely updated the map with the new layout, turn restrictions, removed ramps in order to effect the new traffic flow as soon as the map updates, which will likely be sometime late in July/August 2012.
New segments of Washington St which includes a roundabout, left turns [ here] dissallowed (segments need to be removed).
|I-5 at Del Rio Rd
|Sep 2012
|Update Project functionally complete mid-September 2012. Waze map updated September 20, 2012by AlanOfTheBerg NOTES: AlanOfTheBerg has set the The new Del Rio Rd in place, overpass, ramps, realigned OR99 and updated Exit information and turn restrictions. I am unsure as to naming of former Del Rio Rd, nor where it terminates. Unsure if there are any intersections with previous private roads and new Del Rio Rd.
ODOT will replace the Del Rio bridge over I-5 at the Winchester Interchange (Exit 129). All ramps for Exit 129 will move and Del Rio Rd and OR99 will be realigned.
[ ODOT Project Page]
[ WazeMap]
|US-26 @ W. Fork Dairy Creek
|Summer 2012 - 2014
|The 100ft bridge over the West Fork Dairy Creek is being replaced.
[ ODOT U.S. 26: W. Fork Dairy Creek Bridge Replacement]
[ WazeMap]
|I-5 @ OR214/OR219 (Woodburn)
[ WazeMap]
|I-5 @ OR214/OR219 (Woodburn)
|Spring 2013 - 2015
|ODOT and City of Woodburn have agreed (June 11, 2012) to a design package and approved moving forward with the rebuilding of the interchange on I-5 at MP271.
[ ODOT I-5 at Highway 214 Project Page]
[ WazeMap]
|I-5 @ OR214/OR219 (Woodburn)