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What is a locked road?: info on junctions
* Disables any automated driving direction change - i.e. if you set the road as one way, even if someone drives the opposite way, it will remain one way. (This has some unlocking to it - if a lot of people drive the opposite way, or only the opposite way, eventually it will unlock)
* Sets the routing to 'obey' the connectivity on the segment. That is, if a turn is not allowed in Waze Map Editor, usually the routing algorithm will give such a turn a penalty of x points and will try to avoid it, as much as possible. If the segment is locked, the penalty to make a turn against what is defined in WME grows a lot, and the chances of getting a turn instruction that is against what has been defined is almost non existent.
Segments that are locked will affect the turn restrictions for all other segments connected to either end of the locked segment at those junctions. Therefore when changing turn restrictions for another segment you find the turn restriction is not changing, check the other segments at that junction. It is possible another segment is locked at a level higher than your current editing level. You will need to post a request to the [ Unlock Request Forum] to get it unlocked to enable making the change to the other segment's turn restrictions.
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