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From the Client: Links to Editing Rank
When a driver receives a camera alert there is a "Not There" button in the client. This button will not instantly remove the camera, but submits a "vote" that the camera should be removed.
Each time a Wazer uses the "Not There" button for a specific camera, a number of votes equal to that Wazer's current [[Your_Rank_and_Points#Map_editing_rank|Editing Rank ]] is submitted. Each time a Wazer passes the camera they can submit their votes. Votes are counted once the driving session during which the vote was cast is processed by the Waze servers.
'''NOTE:''' Wazers with an Editing Rank of zero (0) submit zero votes so their "Not There" reports are in effect ignored.
Once the number of votes submitted is equal to or exceeds the [[Your_Rank_and_Points#Map_editing_rank|Editing Rank ]] of the Wazer who approved the camera, the camera will be '''demoted''' to an un-approved camera. No change will be made in the client until Map Tiles are re-processed after the demotion and those updated tiles are made available to and downloaded by the client.
From the Map Editor an editor may delete the now-unapproved camera or it may be approved again.
'''NOTE:''' Each vote by each Wazer is counted, so a Wazer with a level 1 editing rank Editing Rank can demote a camera approved by a level 5 editor by reporting "Not There" every day for a week.
=== From the Editor ===