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===What do I do when Waze has my destination or address at the wrong location?===
If Waze is routing you to the wrong location for your destination, and the street the location should be on appears in Waze, it is due to Waze getting the wrong GPS coordinates for the destination. In most parts of the world, Waze relies exclusively on 3rd party content providers for address and POI locations. Waze sends your address or POI search to these 3rd parties, and they then return to Waze GPS coordinates for that destination. Waze then routes to the closest location on the Waze map for the GPS coordinates. For example, if Waze routes to the street behind the location, that is because the GPS coordinates for that location are closer to that street than the street you actually access the location from.
To solve these errors, you need to update the GPS coordinates with the 3rd party provider who is supplying the bad information to Waze.