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Users may negotiate with officials in their country for access to aerial images that Waze can use. The user must be careful not to give the impression that they are acting on behalf of Waze. But as an interested citizen any user can speak with local authority, in a local language, to explain the benefits to their country in making aerial images freely available as a public good.
Note that external copyright information does not include any source of information that is provided by Waze through the internal tools of the online editor or application. Also any information developed independently by a user being physically present at a site is acceptable to add to the map as long as it is provided without copyright.
==The Road Maps History==
When sharing a permalink be aware that what the recipient can see is limited by the recipients permissions. For example, editors cannot see update requests (URs) or map problems (MPs) outside their editable area. Thus, when posting a permalink regarding a UR or MP in the forums, be aware that only local editors, area managers for the area and country managers for the country will be able to view the UR or MP. If you wish for a broader audience to view the issue raised in a UR or MP, you will need provide the relevant information such as by posting a screen shot of the open UR or MP.
==Keyboard Shortcuts==
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==Map Update Timing==