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Map Problems

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==Interface Elements==
The color of the problem pin, just like Update Reqeuests, are indicative of something. In the case of Problems, it is the number of drivers affected by, or driving through the problem area, in an unexpected manner. The more drive traces which follow the same route, the higher the likelihood that this problem needs to be fixed. An exclamation point in the icon shows that the problem is open. A check mark indicates that the problem has been closed.
[[Image:Problem_pin_low.png|left]] A yellow problem has has been generated by 1-3 drives.<br clear="all">
[[Image:Problem_pin_medium.png|left]] An orange problem has has been generated by 4-7 drives.<br clear="all">
[[Image:Problem_pin_high.png|left]] A red problem has has been generated by 8 or more drives.<br clear="all">
<br clear="all">
[[Image:Problem_pin_not-identified.png|left]] The Problem changes to this icon when you mark it as "Not Identified" because you do no believe that the problem being identified is valid or needs an additional road segment added, turn allowed, etc..<br clear="all">
[[Image:Problem_pin_solved.png|left]] This is a Solved Problem.<br clear="all">
<br clear="all">
When you click on an Problem pin, the top portion of the map display area is taken over by the information for the problem.