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→‎Cartouche editing: Changed to WME changes and updated a few elements to current practice
At the moment it is not being done.
===[[Cartouche]] editingWaze Map Editor changes===The average speed of a road can be dramatically altered by editing in CartoucheWaze Map Editor (WME). Consider a 50m length of road driven in 36 seconds. An editor extends this length of road the full 10km length. Cartouche WME now records this road as 10km long , but also driven in 36 seconds for an average road speed of 1000km/hour. This has been a particular problem as people adjust Therefore be cautious of significantly changing the length of rampsroads.Instead consider drawing new roads and linking them. 
==Traffic lights and stop signs==
Waze does not record the location of traffic lights. While some GPS navigation offers guidance like "turn right at the next traffic light" the information is frequently incomplete, incorrect or outdated. The consensus view is that Waze should not record the location of traffic lights.