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This article covers the automated map Problem reports and appear in the Waze Map Editor as a colored balloon without a smiley face. Balloons with a smiley face are Waze user reported Update Requests and are covered under [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor|Update requests]].
A Map Problem or Automated Problem Report comes from the Waze system when it detects something that is happening in the real world as tracked by the Waze client apps that does not match the logic in the map data. There are three options the editor can use to respond to these Map Problems: '''Solved''', '''Not Identified''', or leave it as '''Open'''. Note that when you mark an Automated Problem Report as Not Identified, it generally will flag the problem to be investigated by a non-local editors who is not likely to be familiar with local mapping guidelines and may cause more harm than good. Therefore it is better to either mark it Solved or leave it Open for another editor to resolve.
==Interface Elements==
The top bar of the Problem states that this is an "automatically detected" Problem.
==Enabling map problem reports==
To display the problem reports on the WME screen, use the [[Map_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Layers|layer]] control to turn on the Map Problem layer.
==System detected problem Types==