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Does Waze support time-based turn restrictions ...: Updated to match agreed text from best practices article
===Does Waze support time-based turn restrictions where turns are allowed or restricted during certain times of day?===
NoNot currently. This feature is on the roadmap, and should be availablefor a future release. ETA The Waze development team understands how important this feature is unknown. For these intersections, consider a "majority-rules" turn restriction scheme. If the turns are allowed during the majority of a day or week, leave it openin most major cities, but also consider volume and if most of the weekly traffic would be restricted from turning there, then set the turn as restricted. Every intersection is different and should be considered individuallynot currently supported.
Therefore, in order to prevent Waze from recommending an illegal turn, if a turn is restricted during any time of day, it is better to restrict the turn completely. This is especially true when the restriction is set during commute hours when the traffic is the most busy and confusing. Additional information can be found in [[Best_map_editing_practice#Time_Restricted_Turns|this best practices article]].
===What do I do when Waze has my destination or address at the wrong location?===