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Added detail about house numbers needing to move beyond the normal radius
#The house number is located outside the accepted distance from the street.
House numbers can *For an address which must be located moved beyond the normal allowed accepted distance from , when you Add it, it must first be placed within the streethighlighted area, or out of sequenceand once the number is entered, but when then you can drag it to the correct location and adjust the stop point as necessary.*When saving, you will be prompted to confirm forcing the house number(s) into place.:
[[Image:Housenumbers wme force dialog.jpg|center]]
*If you have more than one which requires forcing, only one confirmation will force them all. So be sure you are confident that all are correctly located. *[[Image:Housenumbers wme_number forced.gif|right]] When a house number has been forced and saved, it will display differently than other house numbers, with the word "Forced" included in the marker as shown to the right.