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updated some request pin graphics
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[[Image:Request_pin_openRequest pin open-high.pnggif|left]]
''This information here is what is known at this time. Subject to change.''
The color of the Update Request pin, just like Map Problems, are indicative of something. In the case of Update Requests, it is the age of the update request. An exclamation point in the icon shows that the update request is open. A check mark indicates that the update request has been closed.
[[Image:Request_pin_lowRequest pin open-low.pnggif|left]] A yellow update request has been open for 0-5 days.<br clear="all">[[Image:Request_pin_mediumRequest pin open-medium.pnggif|left]] An orange update request has been open for 6-14 days.<br clear="all">[[Image:Request_pin_highRequest pin open-high.pnggif|left]] A red update request has been open for 15 days or longer.<br clear="all">
[[Image:Request_pin_not-identified.png|left]] The Update Request changes to this icon when you mark an Update Request as "Not Identified" because you cannot locate a reason for the request or the request is unclear.<br clear="all">
[[Image:Request_pin_solved.png|left]] This is a Solved Update Request.<br clear="all">