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====Alternate Dashboard Wiki Page====Please also visit this [ Alternate Dashboard Wiki page], as this current page was created by Waze staff in 2010 and has not been updated since. ====My Dashboard==== Hello everybody, in this section we will explain you about all the personal information that you can get from your “Dashboard” .  First of all of we need to understand what it is “My Dashboard” label and what do you can find inside it. Inside the Dashboard label, you will find all your personal information and driving statistics. This info and statistics are personal, which is why you will only see them after sign in to the website. #REDIRECT [[Image:Dashboard.jpg|700px]] After signing in, you will see that your Dashboard has been divided in four different sections or quarters. In each of them, you will find all your personal information and your driving activity inside Waze.====Personal Details====The First one of these sections is dedicated to your “Personal Details”. In this section you will can change and update your personal details such as your password, Birthday, Gender, etc. .[[Image:Personal_details.jpg]]====Your recent routes====The second section it is dedicated to “Your recent routes”. In this section you will be able to follow and check all your recent routes. For checking the route of your interest, you need to click into the link of “show route”.  [[Image:Your_recent_routes.jpg]] For more information about your archive you can visit, the following page. note that your routes usually take up to 24 hours before they are uploaded to your dashboard. So usually you will be able to see all the drives from yesterday (and before). ====your Rank and Points====The third section is dedicated to your Rank and Points. In this section you will able to follow your progress and driving activity inside Waze. Each field represents a different type of your activity inside Waze. Every night our system will calculate all the points that you accumulated in all the different fields through the day. The system will then allocate you in your new position inside the rank table. Your rank can change on a daily basis. [[Image:Rank.jpg]] ====optimize your daily commute====The fourth and last section is dedicated to “optimize your daily commute”. In this section you will be available to follow your daily commute statistics.(coming soon...) [[Image:Optomize_your_daily_commute.jpg]]