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Good question. You can start by turning on the
[[Cartouche_-_Update_mapMap_Editor_Interface_and_Controls#Area_managers_layerArea_Managers|Area Managers Layer]] in the Layers panel in Cartouche Waze Map Editor and see usernames of the current area managers in your town. Also, you can ask Wazers in your area with the biggest point largest points to join you. Check the bottom toolbar in Waze on your phone. Tap the arrowhead. Tap scoreboard. You'll see wazers in your town by point totals, with highest on top.
To make contact, [[Login to forum|log into the forum]] and send them a private message. Often regular users don't know how to sign up by sending an email to [] with their Waze username, their email address, and a [[Waze_Map_Editor#Permalink|Permalink]] of the area they want to fix. But, please don't be pushy. Some wazers just need to cruise.