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# [[#Map Display Area|Map Display Area]]
[[Image:wme31 wme12_17 whole window blank.jpg|700px]]
* At the top, a toolbar with a search box, and buttons to Add, Save, Undo, Redo, and Delete
* At the left is a Tabs Area where information is shown or made available to edit in one or more tabs
* When there are no objects selected on the map (Map Problems and Update Requests are not considered map objects)
* At the bottom of the left area are some important links for all editors to know, such as the Map Editing wiki start page, the Waze Map Editor forum, current Waze status website and keyboard shortcuts link. (Shortcut key: ?)
*# '''Me''' displays your wazername, permissions level and current points, a link to the map editing video and editing manual
*#* '''Drives''' displays an historical archive the drives you taken with Waze running on your smartphone