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Ramps: clarify exceptions
== Ramps ==
Ramps have a very specific purpose in Waze. They are intended to connect segments of Minor Highways, Major Highways, and Freeways to roads where there are no at-grade crossings.
=== When to use ramps ===
## Ramp
If the above requirements are not satisfied, you may be dealing with an [[#At-Grade_Connectors|At-Grade Connector]]. However, there are [[At-Grade_Connectors#Exceptions |exceptions to at-grade connectors]] that need to be understood as well.
=== How complex should ramps be? ===
Rule #1 is still simpler is better. If there is no large distance between paths at the end of a ramp (either into or out of the ramp), a single segment connecting to a single junction node is all that is needed. The existence of a painted, concrete, or grass island is '''NOT''' enough of a reason to split a ramp into multiple ramps.
: [[Image:Jct_ramp_no_split.png]]